maestria maciej michalak

Maciej Michalak, DMD, PhD

Graduated Medical University of Lublin with Rector’s honours and the Faculty of Medicine with the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Lublin as well as the Faculty of Management Studies of the Warsaw School of Medicine. Employee of the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine. In 2012 he began his specialization in dental surgery at the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw. The first and only Pole in the World Academy of Growth Factors & Stem Cells in Dentistry. Coordinator of FDI 2016 congress practical trainings and a member of the Polish Association of Chewing Muscular Dysfunction’s peer tribunal. Co-founder and CEO of BE ACTIVE DENTIST. From 2010 to 2013 President of ZG PTSS (Management Board of the Poslish Association of Dentistry Students), currently an Honorary Member.

dr n. med. Andrzej Bożyk

Andrzej Bożyk, DMD, PhD

An outstanding specialist in prosthetics with extensive experience, expert in diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and certified physician Invisalign – an American method of orthodontic treatment with invisible overlays.

lek. dent. Natalia Kowalczyk-Zuchora

Natalia Kowalczyk-Zuchora, DMD

The fight against patients’ gum diseases is her everyday, but it is not limited to periodontics – she treats patients also in a conservative method and surgically, when it is needed. In Maestria, she is adored by small patients.

dr n. med. Grzegorz Cezary Witer

Grzegorz Witer, MD

He obtained his first degree in the specialty of anesthesiology and intensive care in 1988 and the second degree in 1993. In Maestria, he takes care of the comfort and health of patients in general anaesthesia. He perfectly knows how important are the mood and safety of patients undergoing complicated procedures, thus he performs his duties in line with the established medical practice.

Sylwia Krawczyk

graduate nurse Sylwia Krawczyk

A graduate nurse and dental hygienist, main assistant of a surgeon. She prepares the patients to surgery procedures. Her main features are patience, compassion, cheerfulness, full professionalism.

Karolina Matusiewicz

M.D. Karolina Matusiewicz

She graduated in Medical Faculty from Medical University of Warsaw in 2003 and became a specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care. She works in numerous public and private polyclinics, performing operations in general anaesthesia. She has years of clinical experience in the scope of anaesthesia, i.a. in dentistry. Her main field of the professional interest is anaesthesia in children.