If you are you curious about what you can expect when you visit our clinic for the first time we have a pleasant surprise waiting for you even before you enter. We have more than a dozen parking spaces at your disposal. Call our reception few minutes before your visit and they will happily advise you on most convenient parking.

The first thing you Maestria are the smiles of our friendly reception staff who will take of you while you wait in our comfortable, air-conditioned waiting room.

Completing the registration documents will take just a moment, and you will spend this time perhaps enjoying a cup of delicious, aromatic coffee or mineral water as you prefer and listening to relaxing music. We have a wide range of media available including newspapers, wi-fi and mediaports.

Our complimentary disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste are available for you to use before you meet your dental specialist.

You may have already been introduced to your specialist on Maestria’s website but there’s nothing better than a handshake and a face to face meeting.

After the specialist greets you, they will listen firstly to your needs and express wishes.

Maestria Clinic welcomes everyone, regardless of whether your dream is of a healthy smile (general dentistry, periodontics, treatment of temporomandibular joints), you want to “straighten out” the road to success at work or in your private life (orthodontics), you’d like to “shine on the red carpet” (whitening), you plan a “Hollywood makeover” (cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine) or you simply feel that “something is missing” (dental implants, prosthetics).

The preliminary discussion is followed by a detailed examination and a review of the present condition of your teeth, gums and mouth in one of our extremely comfortable treatment rooms. Using our specialist intraoral camera or surgical microscope, your specialist will research and point out to you on the display monitor even the smallest irregularities.

Following this examination it may be deemed necessary for you to have  an x-ray  to enable precise diagnosis and therefore treatment.

Dental x-rays, panoramic radiograph, cefalometrics, 3D tomography are all carried out in Maestria by our fully qualified staff using high-end SLR cameras, lights and computers with tailor made software are our standard tools for correct assessment and professional solutions.

We never carry out procedures without careful diagnostics and we always prepare a design and a visualization of what we can achieve and how we can help you obtain that HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL SMILE you desire.

Aesthetics is key in pursuit of ideal proportions, shapes and colour, not just within the mouth, but throughout the face. We combine the best of dentistry and aesthetic medicine in order to achieve perfect results.

If there is no need for immediate treatment on your first visit, then the meeting ends with summarizing the diagnosis, preparing a treatment plan, advising you of the treatment cost and about the alternatives.

Should your treatment require the involvement of our other specialists, you may need to make a further consultation appointment, after which our specialists will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan which will always be tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

The meeting concludes with scheduling the next visit, if required, providing an estimate of costs and furnishing you with the dental records produced during the visit which includes full diagnosis and recommendations for further treatment.

You can pay for your visit at reception where we accept all forms of payment.  For your convenience, we also offer financing, should you require extensive treatment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.
Maestria Digital Dental and Face Clinic team