urządzenie z gazem
Laughing gas: stop dentophobia!

At Maestria we strive to make every patient’s visit comfortable. Special care is provided to those who have fears or phobias, and at the sight of ????, can even run away from the waiting room. When a calm and substantive conversation is not enough, technology comes to the rescue – laughing gas (N2O) sedation. It…

mikroskop stomatologiczny
Microscope: closer means more precise

Standard endodontic treatments are not always easy. When a tooth has an unusual anatomy, its root canals are narrow and overgrown, and its roots are  curved, even a more experienced dentist dreamins only to be able to take a look as close as possible. Human eye – even the most experienced – will not see…

laser stomatologiczny
SIROLaser Blue: with the Nobel prize in the background

“For the invention of an effective blue light emitting diode that can be a source of bright and energy-saving white light” – was the 2014 verdict of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which awarded the Nobel Prize in physics to three Japanese scientists. Science has quickly found its application in dentistry, specifically in dental…

znieczulenie komputerowe
CALAJECT Anesthesia: computer instead of a needle

It would be enough to say: No needles, no pain, no stress – and it would be the whole truth about CALAJECT (RONVIG), However, to satisfy the patient’s need for knowledge we will add, that this is a real revolution in dental treatment anesthesia. A revolution, because it allows for a complete change to the…

akcesoria stomatologiczne
The Smart Dentin Grinder: teeth milling machine

Teeth milling ?? What is it? It sounds scarier than visiting a school dentist in the 1990s, but it actually is one of the latest achievements in dentistry, that enables instant production of high quality autologous biomaterial from patient’s teeth. Let’s explain it more clearly. You loose a tooth or a doctor removes it because…

wiertło stomatologiczne
Vector Paro – ultrasounds in paradontosis

Vector Paro (Durr Dental) This is an ultrasonic, vibration-free alternative to the periodontal disease treatment. In Maestria we use the vector therapy for the dental plaque treatment as well, especially in hard to reach places Patients appreciate this device primarily because it does not cause pain, but also because it guarantees normal functioning right after…