Laughing gas: stop dentophobia!

urządzenie z gazem

At Maestria we strive to make every patient’s visit comfortable.

Special care is provided to those who have fears or phobias, and at the sight of ????, can even run away from the waiting room.

When a calm and substantive conversation is not enough, technology comes to the rescue – laughing gas (N2O) sedation.

It is nothing more than a simple inhalation of a gas that puts the patient into complete bliss. Although reactions to the N2O are different, it mostly resultis in patients being completely “cut away” from the surrounding reality, including smells, as the gas mask stays placed on the nose. Laughing gas is recommended mainly in treatment of the youngest. Children are most prone to have dream like experiences of swimming in water, flying on an airplane, balloon, space rocket, dancing at Cinderella’s ball or spinning on a carousel. Interestingly, after the procedure, most children do not remember what happened.

Good to know!

Laughing gas has only mild anesthetic properties. However, many treatments for surface or even moderate cavities (depending on the child’s sensitivity) can be performed without other type of anesthesia with the length of procedure significantly shortened.