Consultation with treatment plan100 zł
X-ray point30 zł
Pantomogram100 zł
Cefalometry100 zł
CBCT300 zł
Description of the examination100 zł
Infiltration anaesthesia30 zł
Conduction anaesthesia40 zł
Computer assisted CALA JECT anaesthesia60 zł
Eliminating stress with cheerful gas 30 min.100 zł
An individual cheerful gas mask30 zł
Temporary filling100 zł
Composite filling150 – 300 zł
Highly aesthetic filling400 – 500 zł
Composite restoration200 – 500 zł
Reconstruction on fiberglass450 zł
Adaptation visit80 zł
Review with your treatment plan100 zł
Eliminating stress with cheerful gas 30 min.150 zł
Mask for cheerful gas (reusable)50 zł
Anaesthesia50 zł
Temporary filling70 zł
Filling in the milk tooth (composite)160 – 200 zł
Painting (fluoridation)80 zł
Lacquering (furrow protection)100 zł
Removing the milk tooth100 zł
Scaling150 zł
Sandblasting150 zł
Scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation + polishing300 zł
Lacing80 zł
Fluoridation90 zł
Vector Parood 500 zł
BEYOND lamp whitening1200 zł
Whitening – home method (overlay)800 zł
Whitening of dead tooth 1 visit150 zł
Surgical consultation100 zł
Removal of a permanent tooth150 – 300 zł
Removing the milk tooth100 zł
Operative removal of the retained tooth500 – 1000 zł
Oral-sinus surgery400 – 500 zł
Surgery of tongue or lips fiddle300 zł
Application of PRF (fibrin platelet rich)300 zł
Jaw sinus gout lift3000 – 4000 zł
Controlled bone regeneration using biomaterialsod 3000 zł
Cyst removal300 – 600 zł
Abscess incision50 zł
Consultation, diagnosis and treatment planning200 zł
Implantation with Swiss system3500 zł
Exposing the implant and installing the healing screw300 zł
Porcelain crown on metal (with connector)od 2500 zł
Full-ceramic crown in CAD CAM system with connector3500 zł
Full-ceramic crown with connector3500 zł
Implantation with REPLICATE system12000 zł
Curettage closed (1 arch)350 zł
Curettage open (½ arch)450 zł
Elongation of the clinical crown400 zł
Rinsing of gum pocket50 zł
Treatment of mucosal lesions (1 visit)50 zł
Gum correction100 zł
Application of rails (1 tooth)50 zł
Alvogyl application (1 pocket)100 zł
Filling correction50 zł
Liquidation of the traumatic node50 zł
Treatment of hypersensitivity70 zł
Cervitec lacquering treatment (1 tooth)50 zł
Consultation100 zł
Consultation + documentation + treatment plan (two visits)300 zł
Putting on a metal camera 1 dental arch1800 zł
Putting on a ceramic appliance 1 dental arch2000 – 2800 zł
Check in with permanent dental brace150 zł
Removal of one dental brace with retention500 zł
Removal of two dental braces with retention1000 zł
Retention plate400 zł
Sublingual palate arch450 zł

Overlay Clear Aligner treatment

Consultation100 zł
Diagnosis with the establishment of an individual treatment plan200 zł
One stage of treatment (number of stages is set individually)1000 zł

Overlay Invisalign treatment

Diagnosis with the establishment of an individual treatment plan200 zł
Invisalign i78500 zł
Invisalign Teen18000 zł
Invisalign Lite10500 zł
Invisalign Full18000 zł

Primary root canal treatment

1 root600 zł
+ each subsequent root400 zł

Renewed root canal treatment

1 root700 zł
+ each subsequent root500 zł


Channel evacuation (for external patients)300 zł
Attempt to remove a broken tool (for external patients)300 zł
Direct coating of pulp200 zł
Intermediate coating of pulp200 zł

Endodontic surgery
Microsurgical root apex resection

Incisal tooth/tusk1000 zł
Premolar tooth1200 zł
Molar tooth1400 zł
Intentional replanting treatment1400 zł

*In the price of root treatment are included all x-ray pictures, anesthesia, koferdam, roots preparation, possible temporary fillings of the roots, final fillings of the roots and dressings between visits

Acrylic partial denture1000 zł
Acrylic total denture1400 zł
Skeletal denture1800 zł
Elastic denture1500 zł
Crown covered with porcelain1500 zł
All-ceramic crown2500 – 3500 zł
Temporary crown200 zł
Crown-root fiberglass insert400 zł
Crown-root steel insert500 zł
Crown-root gold insert1400 – 1800 zł
All-ceramic Inlay/Onlay1600 zł
All-ceramic veneer2200 – 2500 zł
Relaxation rail500 – 1000 zł
Sublingual plate400 zł
First diagnostic and therapeutic visit (detailed examination, manual therapy, temporary rails)500 zł
Consultation150 zł
Checking (occlusion rail correction, temporary rail in another position)100 zł
Diagnosis of bruxism (using the BRUXCHECKER bar)150 zł


Stabilization rail (Michigan) (2 visits needed to make rail)1000 zł
To-front reposition rail (2 visits needed to make rail)1000 zł
Partial rail (2 visits needed to make rail)500 zł
Determination and registration of the correct position of the mandible (for orthodontic/prosthetic treatment)200 zł
Sublingual plate500 zł
Analysis of occlusion in articulator500 zł
Correction of the occlusion by grinding the teeth200 zł


Surgical lifting (PDO) – one thread100 zł
First Lift Barb – one thread600 zł
Hialuronic – soft lifting 1 amp.1 000 zł

Correction of mimic wrinkles (botulinum toxin)

Forehead vertical wrinkles650 zł
Forehead horizontal wrinkles650 zł
Wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”)650 zł
2 areas900 zł
3 areas1 200 zł
“Rocky” chin450 zł
Brow correction, “brow lift”500 zł
Raising the tip of the nose350 zł
Wrinkles of a smoker500 zł
Drooping corner of the mouth450 zł

Fillers (based on hyaluronic acid)

1 ampule (Restylane, Teosyal, Juvederm, Stylage)1 000 zł
2 ampules (Restylane, Teosyal, Juvederm, Stylage)2 000 zł
Liquidation of undereyes shadows (Redensity)1 200 zł

Enlargement, modeling and moisturizing of lips

1 ampule (Restylane, Teosyal, Juvederm, Stylage)1 000 zł
Nawilżanie ust (Juvederm)900 zł

Needle Mesotherapy

CytoCare, StretchCare (1 amp., 5 ml)450 zł
Princess Rich (1 amp., 1 ml)700 zł
Stylage Hydro (1 amp., 1 ml)750 zł
Stylage Hydro Max (1 amp., 1 ml)900 zł
Teosial Redensity I (1 amp., 1 ml)850 zł
Teosial Redensity I (1 amp., 3 ml)1 500 zł
Aquashine, Aquashine br (1 amp., 2 ml)850 zł
NCTC 109 (1 amp., 5 ml)350 zł
Restylane Skin buster (1 amp., 1 ml)850 zł
Biotin (scalp mesotherapy – 1 amp., 2 ml)300 zł

Treatments around the eyes

Correction of shadows and pits under the eyes (Redensity)1 200 zł
Light Eyes Ultra400 zł
RRS Eyes350 zł
CytoCare, StretchCare350 zł


Cosmelan1 800 zł

Discoloration protection

Aquashine Br, 1 amp.850 zł
Dermaheal SB, 1 amp.450 zł
PRX – T33400 zł
RetixC250 zł
PQage350 zł

Reduction of adipose tissue – lipolysis injection

Celuform Plus (chin „hamsters”, 1 amp., 1 ml)600 zł

PRP (plate rich plasma)

Face treatment700 zł
Face and neck treatment850 zł
Face, neck, and decolettage treatment1 000 zł
Scalp treatment700 zł

PRP (plate rich plasma) Angel System

1 treatment2 500 zł

Treatment of hyperhidrosis

Armpits1 800 zł
Hands and feet1 100 zł

Chemical peelings

Peeling with almond acid240 zł
Arginin base peeling240 zł
Peeling with lactic acid240 zł
Peeling with salicylic acid240 zł
Peeling with pyruvic acid + lactic acid240 zł
Peeling with azelaic acid240 zł