In our treatments we use latest scientific discoveries in the world of dentistry and offer a wide range of pioneer solutions.

Maestria’s Medical Director  – M.D. Maciej Michalak –  is the only Pole in the elite group of World Academy of Growth Factors & Stem Cells in Dentistry, the world’s largest organization of doctors involved in growth factors and stem cells in dentistry research.

He is the first in Poland to use the bone regeneration technique with patient’s ground teeth and trains other doctors on the subject. He is the author of the first Polish publication on this topic and champions trainings and lectures on autogenic techniques.

infodent24.pl: Maciej Michalak, pierwszy Polak w gronie WAGro!

We pioneer the use of stem cells and growth factors in surgery and implantology, eliminating root canal treatment and tissue reconstruction in periodontitis treatment. We successfully use bone marrow retrieving from hip bone to accelerate regeneration and enlarge treatment options.

We use most technically advanced equipment supporting the autogenic regeneration of tissues, including a specialised centrifuge for growth factors extraction from patient’s blood plasma, the device for preparation of bone regeneration materials from the patient’s teeth or one of the most advanced devices for ultrasound bone cutting.

As one of a few clinics in Poland, we can carry out any and all complicated restoration-regeneration treatments under general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia of patients is performed by our anaesthesia complex care team. It is worth noting, that most of complex treatment procedures can simply be performed under local computer anaesthesia.

Smiles are designed by computer based digital smile design solutions. It is an innovative approach to the process of planning comprehensive treatment. Before metamorphosis everyone, can see their new beautiful teeth on a computer screen.

While taking care of beauty, we do not forget about functionality. There are very few places in Poland where you can effectively cure ailments of the temporomandibular joints. Migraines, TMJ clicking, soreness, tooth grinding problems are issues which we will help you to get rid of.

We see further than others. Only working with zoom can ensure correct diagnosis and accurate treatment. All our treatment rooms are equipped with modern dental microscopes and intraoral diagnostic cameras. Nothing will hide from us.

We offer dental treatment combined with aesthetic medicine, which is appreciated by our patients asking us to rejuvenate their smile and facial features, correct natural imperfections or emphasize beauty.

In order to meet the expectations of the Maestria’s most demanding patients, we have implemented the SMILE & SKIN CONCEPT – a 10-point anti-aging programme.

Maestria Digital Dental and Face Clinic is always open for you, regardless of your age or how large your wallet is. Together we will find the best solution for your smile!

Just visit us to check this out. You are most welcome!