The Smart Dentin Grinder: teeth milling machine

akcesoria stomatologiczne

Teeth milling ?? What is it? It sounds scarier than visiting a school dentist in the 1990s, but it actually is one of the latest achievements in dentistry, that enables instant production of high quality autologous biomaterial from patient’s teeth.

Let’s explain it more clearly.

You loose a tooth or a doctor removes it because he cannot see any chance of saving it with traditional methods. For various reasons, you do not decide to replace it with an implant. I’ll do it later – you think. Weeks pass, months and years pass, and you forget to visit the implantologist.

You meet a cool girl or boy. You fall in love, but love has one condition – wedding only after you have a full set of teeth.  So you hurry to the dentist, who does the research and gives you a dramatic diagnosis – there is not enough bone structure for the implant to set in properly!

You have delayed the decision to insert the implant for too long, and the thing about bone is, that without a tooth, it changes its properties and often loses them.

So the wedding is off?

Not necessarily, because the bone can be rebuilt in two ways: using a special bone-building agent, or – material from your own body, such as a milled eighth tooth, which should already have been removed some time ago.

That’s what the Smart Dentin Grinder is for.

Once a redundant tooth is milled to fine powder it is then stitched into the gums. Within few months it rebuilds bone structure and the dentist can preapre for implants.

One of our doctors – Maciej Michalak – is a pioneer in the use of growth factors and stem cells in dentistry.