Vector Paro – ultrasounds in paradontosis

wiertło stomatologiczne

Vector Paro (Durr Dental) This is an ultrasonic, vibration-free alternative to the periodontal disease treatment. In Maestria we use the vector therapy for the dental plaque treatment as well, especially in hard to reach places Patients appreciate this device primarily because it does not cause pain, but also because it guarantees normal functioning right after procedure (eating and drinking is possible right after).

Vector also allows the use of biocompatible Hydroxyapatite Fluid – a major component of the tooth structure and dentine cavity and root surface impregnation agent, making the tooth more resistant to demineralization.

System Vector Paro is completly safe for soft tissues.

Selected Vector Paro functions:

  • Non-surgical periodontal inflammation treatment;
  • Postoperative hygienic treatments;
  • Periimplantitis prophylaxis and treatment
  • Subgingival biofilm breakdown prior to implantation or prosthetic treatment
  • Hypersensitivity treatment;
  • Impregnation and deposition of calcium compounds in exposed dentinal tubules in hypersensitivity treatment;
  • Sediment removal;
  • Postoperative hypersensitivity neutralization;
  • Tooth surfaces polishing.