Microscope: closer means more precise

mikroskop stomatologiczny

Standard endodontic treatments are not always easy.

When a tooth has an unusual anatomy, its root canals are narrow and overgrown, and its roots are  curved, even a more experienced dentist dreamins only to be able to take a look as close as possible. Human eye – even the most experienced – will not see what a microscope can.

At Maestria every endodontic procedure is is helped by additional magnification.

Why is it standard for us?

First of all, the microscope greatly increases the chances of saving the tooth before extraction. In addition, it saves the patient’s and the physician’s time – traditional root canal treatment without a microscope can spread for 2-3 visits, in our clinic we cure the tooth during just one visit.

Each microscope at Maestria is equipped with a camera.

The software allows us to instantly transfer recorded HD image straight into patient’s data folder.

The camera image can be conveniently displayed on the computer screen to better advise patients on the condition of their teeth and mouth.

Why a microscope?

  • Magnification (up to 25 times) guarantees maximum precision and greatly improves the effectiveness of the treatment;
  • It allows to see the details invisible to the naked eye, e.g. tooth enamel’s breaks or infections;
  • It is useful in curved or blocked root canals treatment, finding overgrowth of root canals, removal of old fillings and root stems from root canals, locating canals, removal of obstructions, calcifications of pulp or tools from canals, close perforations, correct reendodonation, all to have more options to prolong a tooth’s life.