CALAJECT Anesthesia: computer instead of a needle

znieczulenie komputerowe

It would be enough to say: No needles, no pain, no stress – and it would be the whole truth about CALAJECT (RONVIG),

However, to satisfy the patient’s need for knowledge we will add, that this is a real revolution in dental treatment anesthesia.

A revolution, because it allows for a complete change to the approach of patients to surgery. Computer anesthesia is a great solution for patients suffering from “needle-phobia”, including children.

Special sensors located in the device measure the amount of anaesthetic – it is always minimal and the patient does not feel it being administered.

CALAJECT perfectly controls the anaesthetic flow parameters to the setting chosen for the type of dental treatment. This protects against the pain caused by spreading tissues.

Gentle, painless anesthesia dramatically improves patient’s comfort during treatment and builds confidence in the doctor!