Knowledge and experience of our doctors is supported by modern, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. At Maestria, we have the opportunity to immediately perform all specialist studies on-site. This limits the time needed to conduct diagnosis to an absolute minimum.

Fast and appropriate diagnosis is the backdrop for effective treatment.

diagnostyka komputerowa

Diagnostis at Maestria

At Maestria Digital Dental and Face Clinic, effective diagnostics is a standard. We do not send our patients with a referrals to search for an appropriate office because our offices are equipped with high-class:

  • Computed tomograph (guarantees minimal dose of radiation).
  • Panoramic radiography (photo of the dental arch allows to examine the whole dentition and temporomandibular joints).
  • Cephalometric radiography (used primarily in orthodontics).
  • Periapical radiography (classic picture supporting routine dentist examination).
  • Intra-oral cameras (useful in complicated extractions and treatment of several teeth at the same time).
  • Microscopes (helpful in identifying previously undetectable structures, allows for root canal imaging).
  • Laboratory blood test and histologic test.

Tomography 3D

Computed tomography provides the possibility to obtain a three-dimensional image of even the smallest anatomical details with precision that cannot be repeated in any other examination. Therefore, the disease incidences are detected already at the very initial stages of development.

We do not act by haphazard. By acknowledging the tooth and bone structures, we are able to precisely prepare for each procedure even before we launch the treatment.

For implantology, orthodontics and endodontics, this is an invaluable tool for both planning and examining the effects of our work.

Panoramic radiography (pantomogram)

A radiographic examination of all teeth and bone structures describing the initial range of medical needs.

Cephalometric radiography (cephalometry)

Specialist radiographic examination used in orthodontic treatment.

Periapical radiography

Our offices are equipped with an equipment to develop dental X-rays.

Therefore, we are able to perform radiographic control before, after and during the treatment.

Dental microscope

At Maestria, we use modern Leica microscopes known for their high-quality optics. Our specialists who work even at a 40x enlargement are currently able to save many teeth that would be destined for extraction so far.

Only by treating with microscopes we have the guarantee of an appropriately performed procedure.

Complicated endodontic therapy, perfect cleaning of the cavity, precise grinding of veneers and full ceramic restorations, procedures from the fields of periodontology and microsurgery – we no longer can imagine performing such procedures and many other treatments without a microscope.

Diagnostic cameras

At Maestria, miniature intra-oral diagnostic cameras are available at all working stations. We use them to detect the smallest decay incidences and other deficiencies within the oral cavity. During the examination and during the treatment, we can display the images from the camera to patients on monitors adjacent to office chairs as well as save them on computer memories. This provides above average possibilities to show you your medical needs and present the effects of conducted treatment.

Our advantages

  1. Excellent diagnostics (radiography and tomography, microscope in every dentist’s office).
  2. Special painless and stress-free treatment program (use of laughing gas and computer-controlled anesthesia), More…
  3. Less invasive procedures thanks to introduction of laser and ultrasounds. More…
  4. Better and faster post-procedural regeneration (use of autogenic bio-materials), More…
  5. Possibility to undergo treatment while “anesthetized”.

Why is it worth enlisting for consultations?

  1. Experienced surgeons taking up complicated procedures.
  2. Modern equipment and procedural methods, among others, with the use of lasers, ultrasounds.
  3. Full diagnostics conducted in one place.
  4. System of advanced anesthetics (computer-controlled anesthesia CALAJECT, inhalation sedation, narcosis).
  5. Interdisciplinary team – possibility of vast consultations (aesthetic dentistry, whitening, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery, implantology).
  6. The best results of post-procedural regeneration (use of stem cells and growth factors of the patient).


94% of Poles heard about X-ray radiation while 84% underwent such examination at least once during their lifetime (Research by TNS Polska 2014)