Having an infected tooth removed is a relatively easy task. It is much more difficult but better, to treat and preserve it. This, among others, is what endodontics is about, and, quite rightly, it is most commonly associated with root canal therapy. An endodontic specialist will see patients who most often suffer from pain, severe tooth decay caused by caries or previous ineffective treatment.

stomatolog używa mikrospopu stomatologicznego

Root Canal Treatment in Maestria

At Maestria we try to treat even the most difficult cases. We try to make sure the treatment is as short as possible, painless, and only best tools and materials are used. To improve the effectiveness of the treatment we use a dental microscope and a rubber dam (an insulating material to isolate treatment area). Before each and every treatment patients are always thoroughly diagnosed and computer-controlled anesthesia is used (patients may opt for anesthetist assisted anesthesia).

Endodontic treatment (also known as root canal treatment) is a specialized procedure applied in cases of caries. It involves removal of infected tissue and bacteria from the tooth’s pulp chamber and root canals.Every treatment room at is equipped with a point X-ray. Our Clinic has a panoramic radiograph and tomography devices.  In root canal treatment (endodontics), these examinations allow for a proper assessment of tooth’s roots, so that the dentist can detect any irregularities in the tooth structure, such as periapical lesions (bone atrophy), cysts, unfilled ducts, or broken tools.Additionally, the use of microscope greatly increases the chances of saving a tooth from extraction. Tooth’s anatomy, root canals too narrow or too overgrown can cause difficulties during treatment. The microscope allows precise examination and thus thorough treatment, keeping the tooth in place for years to come. This solution is much more cost effective than tooth extraction and implant replacement or a prosthetic bridge.

After root canal treatment, the tooth must be rebuilt. Maestria dentists use top of the range composites that perfectly emulate the natural shape, color, and function of a tooth. Patients highly praise the aesthetics and quality of dental fillings offered by our Clinic.

Meet our Endodontists

lek. dent. Hubert Gołąbek

Hubert Gołąbek, DMD, PhD

Graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry of Medical University of Warsaw and a two-year postgraduate program in endodontics International Program in Endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

He conducts clinical research and works on his PhD thesis on endodontics in the Department of Comprehensive Dental Care at the Medical University of Warsaw. An author of scientific publications in the field of root canal treatment and dental surgery, as well as a lecturer at dental conferences and courses on root canal treatment.

Feedback from our patients

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Our strengths

  1. Excellent diagnostics in one place (tomography, panoramic radiograph, X-ray, cephalometrics, diagnostic cameras and microscopes).
  2. Microscopic review of root canals.
  3. Precise, quick and pain-free treatments.
  4. Highly aesthetical fillings.
  5. Special treatment program without pain and stress (computer anesthesia, laughing gas).

Why a consultation with Maestria?

  1. Experienced doctors undertake even the most complicated procedures.
  2. Modern equipment and treatment methods, including laser and ultrasound.
  3. Full diagnostics in one place.
  4. Advanced methods of anesthesia (CALAJECT computer anesthesia, inhaler sedation, narcosis).
  5. Interdisciplinary team – possibility of extensive consultation (aesthetic dentistry, whitening, endodontics, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery, implantology).
  6. Best results of post treatment regeneration (use of patient’s stem cells and growth factors).


National Health Fund in Poland, refunds endodontic treatment of front teeth (incisors and canines) only. Free dental treatment of all teeth is only available to children, pregnant women and women during post-partum.