Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry which deals with replacing missing teeth and treating majorly damaged teeth.

Thanks to Maestria’s prosthetics experts, our patients may enjoy their marvellous smiles again.

starsza para ze zdrowymi zębami

Prosthetics at Maestria

The main goals of prosthetic treatment are beautiful smile and comfort of living. For best aesthetic results we offer high-end veneers (composite, porcelain, full ceramic), and in the case of tooth reconstruction – crowns and bridges, as well as dentures and implant prosthetics.

For the maximum visual effect, we use professional dental photography and specialised software in order to design your smile.

In our clinic shape and colour of teeth are “made-to-measure.”

Only Maestria offers the possibility to design the shape and colour of your teeth and enables you to see the effects long before taking up the treatment!

Firstly, we organise a professional photo shoot at our studio. Then we conduct face and smile analysis. The next step is designing and preparing the visualisation of your new smile based on the prior interview with the patient.

We never work “on spec” – we always prepare a project and visualisation of what we can and want to achieve with you: A HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL SMILE.

Aesthetics is the key word in our striving for ideal proportions, shapes and colours. We deal not only with oral cavity, but the whole face, too. We achieve spectacular effects through combining what is best in both dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

At Maestria we offer: veneers, crowns, implant prosthetics, bridges, inlays, onlays and dentures.

Know our experts

dr n. med. Andrzej Bożyk

Andrzej Bożyk, DMD, PhD

Excellent prosthetist with experience in abundance, specialist in treatment of temporomandibular joints as well as Invisalign® Certified Doctor – an American orthodontic treatment method with the use of invisible aligners! If you have problems with teeth abrasion, experience crackling sounds during jaw movements or suffer from pain in the areas of temporomandibular joints or migraines – its high time to see and consult Dr. Bożyk.

In 1998, he graduated from medicine and dentistry studies at the I Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division at the Medical University in Lublin with Very Good result. Since 2000, he has been the assistant at the Department of Dental Prosthetics at the Medical University in Lublin as well as member of PTS and PTDNŻ.

In 2004, he was recognized with academic title of Doctor of Medical Sciences. In 2008, he passed the specialization from the field of Prosthodontics while in 2015 he launched his specialization in orthodontics. Furthermore, he is the co-author of 55 scientific papers and 68 symposium abstracts.

Feedback from our patients

Andrzej Bożyk - ZnanyLekarz.pl

Our strengths

  1. Face and smile analysis.
  2. Professional photo studio.
  3. Digital programs for smile projection.
  4. Visualization and experience of a new smile before clinical treatment begins.
  5. A wide range of solutions for changing the shape and color of teeth and replacing the missing teeth.
  6. Excellent diagnostics in one place.
  7. Special treatment program without pain and stress.

Why sign up for a consultation with Maestria?

  1. Interdisciplinary team – possibility of extensive consultation (aesthetic dentistry, whitening, prosthetics, orthodontics, surgery, implantology).
  2. Modern diagnostic equipment.
  3. Above standard safety and sterility conditions.
  4. Possibility to see the outcome of treatment beforehand.
  5. Many anesthesia methods (CALAJECT computer anesthesia, inhalation sedation, narcosis).


Ancient Egyptians tried to stabilize shifting or loose teeth with wire made of gold, eventually replacing missing teeth with teeth from taken from slaves.