Kacper D.

The clinic with attention to details. In two other places I’ve heard a diagnosis that the tooth had to be removed, but after my visit to Maestria, it is still in place. Prices OK!

Paweł Skórka

I found out it is never too late for the orthodontic braces, though Mrs. Iza would probably preferred me to appear a few years earlier. 🙂

Ewa Watecka

Firstly – dedicated parking in the center of “Mordor”?? I did not expect that, great! I am quite demanding, I ask a lot of questions – in Maestria my doctor was not afraid of it! He faced bravely my – probably naive – suggestions on the shape and colour of my teeth. Most importantly, the effect is what I dreamed of! Thank you Dr. Bartosz!

Marysia (ex-dentophobe)

I stalled visits to dentists for a long time and thought I could only have my teeth done in deep anesthesia, so not to hear how badly I negleted them. After 20 minutes of conversation with the dentist, anaesthesia was unnecessary! I have a treatment plan for 2 months, but I’m happy!


A very nice and competent doctor who knows what he’s doing, explains everything and proposes modern treatment methods. Nothing is imposed. I will definitely recommend him to others