Orthodontics in Maestria

Certified Invisible Orthodontics Centre

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Maestria’s doctors are certified for invisible removable aligners Invisalign®. This is the only available orthodontic system offering a five year warranty and orthodontic care within one price. Invisalign® is recommended for treating most types of malocclusion. It is suitable for persons who are reluctant to wearing permanent braces, would not take up treatment if it hadn’t been for aligners, those whose profession does not allow for braces, or who expect instant effects and short treatment time.


  • aligners are virtually invisible
  • wearing aligners does not cause problems nor pain
  • they can be removed before eating or brushing one’s teeth
  • they provide high efficiency and shorter treatment time.

Orthodontic Treatment at Maestria

Invisalign is a technology which has undoubtedly revolutionised contemporary orthodontics. No more tin grin? Impossible… or is it really? All you need to do is use the transparent orthodontic aligners, completely invisible to your interlocutors. There are more advantages! The aligners can be removed before eating or brushing one’s teeth. What is more, they are individually adjusted to each patient by computer and the duration of treatment is far shorter than in the case of traditional braces.

We also offer a possibility of installing DAMON Q® self-ligating brackets and Damon Clear® clear brackets.

Come visit us! Experts from Maestria Digital Dental and Face Clinic will gladly explain that orthodontic treatment is suitable for everybody, regardless of age. Also, you will be presented with a variety of solutions utilised in contemporary orthodontics (we offer traditional metal wire, clear braces and retainers, too). The experts reassure: the treatment is painless. They will plan your follow-up visit and provide you with instructions to dental care during the treatment.

Meet our expert

dr n. med. Andrzej Bożyk

Andrzej Bożyk, DMD, PhD

Excellent prosthetist with experience in abundance, specialist in treatment of temporomandibular joints as well as Invisalign® Certified Doctor – an American orthodontic treatment method with the use of invisible aligners! If you have problems with teeth abrasion, experience crackling sounds during jaw movements or suffer from pain in the areas of temporomandibular joints or migraines – its high time to see and consult Dr. Bożyk.

In 1998, he graduated from medicine and dentistry studies at the I Faculty of Medicine with English Language Division at the Medical University in Lublin with Very Good result. Since 2000, he has been the assistant at the Department of Dental Prosthetics at the Medical University in Lublin as well as member of PTS and PTDNŻ.

In 2004, he was recognized with academic title of Doctor of Medical Sciences. In 2008, he passed the specialization from the field of Prosthodontics while in 2015 he launched his specialization in orthodontics. Furthermore, he is the co-author of 55 scientific papers and 68 symposium abstracts.

Feedback from our patients

Andrzej Bożyk - ZnanyLekarz.pl

Our advantages

  1. Leading expert in orthodontic therapy.
  2. Innovative retainers, which enable treatment free of the “tin grin”.
  3. Excellent diagnostics on the spot – pantomography, tomography, cephalometry, More…
  4. Availability – we guarantee close appointment dates. In case of emergency – whether in need for a braces check, a follow up visit or a when bracket falls off – we are always available.
  5. Top quality for a good price – we will live up to the expectations of the most demanding patients and also adjust the costs of treatment to individual expectations and capabilities.
  6. Instalments – in our clinic there is no need for payments in advance. We encourage you to use Maestria’s attractive treatment financing plans.

Dlaczego warto zapisać się na konsultację do Maestrii?

  1. Wybitny specjalista w leczeniu ortodontycznym.
  2. Nowoczesne metody analizy i planowania leczenia ortodontycznego.
  3. Pełna diagnostyka w jednym miejscu (pantomografia, tomografia, cefalometria).
  4. Interdyscyplinarny zespół – możliwość szerokich konsultacji (protetyka, ortodoncja, chirurgia, implantologia).
  5. System zaawansowanych znieczuleń (znieczulenie komputerowe CALAJECT, sedacja wziewna, narkoza).


Twoje zęby mogą być idealnie równe i symetryczne. Im wcześniej rozpocznie się leczenie, tym szybszy będzie jego efekt. Poprawa ułożenia zębów względem siebie pozwala na poprawę zgryzu – zabezpiecza to przed ścieraniem zębów, migrenami i zmianą symetrii twarzy.