Maciej Michalak, DMD, PhD

maestria maciej michalak

Laureate of the Polish Nobel Prize in Medicine and Health Sciences for Students and Primus Inter Pares 2009 awards. Author and co-author of 43 scientific publications both in Polish and foreign magazines. His scientific achievements are rated 4,127 by the Impact Factor index, 190 points MNiSW, Hirsh Factor 2. Author of the book “The Role of Dentist in the Recognition of Violence Against Children” originator of translation and translator of the “Handbook of Local Anesthesia” for Elsevier publishing.

Winner of the 1st place in the Scientific Circle Competition for the best work of the 48th Symposium of Student Scientific Circles of Medical Universities in Lublin 2009 in the field of pharmacology. Participant of numerous dental trainings and courses in Poland and abroad (including Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey and India).

Father of 2 daughters (Amelia,3.5 years and Hania, 2 years), passionate about sports. Physicians World Champion in long jump and doctor’s vice-champion of the world,in 100 and 200 meters. In his leisure time, he trains athletics, snowboard and parachuting.

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